More tax benefits for higher education

One way the government encourages behavior that it sees as beneficial is by offering tax breaks. They offer a mortgage interest deduction to encourage homeownership.  They offer deductions to encourage charitable giving. And, they offer tax credits for some college expenses. We wrote about the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) in an earlier post.  Here we’ll talk about another education tax credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC).   Like the AOTC, the Lifetime Learning Credit is a tax credit – not a deduction.  This means that the credit directly reduces your tax bill rather than reducing the amount of taxable income.  [...]

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Money lessons from Vegetables – Or How your garden is like a portfolio

There are lessons learned in the vegetable garden that you can apply to your investment portfolio. And lessons learned from investing that you can apply to your garden. The Joy of Gardening The Joy of Gardening I used to have a manager who said that gardening was simply a way [...]

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What is the “Dow” and what does it mean to me?

Any investor who has listened to the morning radio or turned on a television during the week has heard the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The investing media pundits seem to go into a wild panic whenever it falls and rejoice whenever it rises. A popular question, though, [...]

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Will you reduce expenses in retirement?

This post is another in a series about the dangers of using rules of thumb as a basis for your financial plan.  As I’ve mentioned before, many of these so-called rules were only marginally true and only in limited circumstances.  And, even if they were true 30 years ago, many [...]

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My take on Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I've been asked a number of times for recommendations for books on personal finances - both for adults and for teens. I've read lots of books on different financial theories, behavioral economics, financial management and other topics. I find many of them fascinating but I completely understand that many (or [...]

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What do you do if you’re laid off?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is currently around 4%, which is still low by historical standards.  And many companies still have difficulty filling some positions because the skills they need don’t match the skills in the available workforce.  But that doesn’t mean that there are [...]

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