Learning more from Amazon’s search

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What would you consider now if you were looking for a second home – a place where you would be happy to split your time with your current home?  That would depend on what you want to achieve with your satellite home.  Is your intention to go to your second home to relax and unwind, [...]

What about YOUR HQ2?

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Amazon announced its short list for candidates for their HQ2 last week.  Back in September, 2017 Amazon announced a request for proposals from governments and civic organizations for their new headquarters along with its requirements for the new site.  The list of requirements included location in a metropolitan area, and a stable and business friendly [...]

Financial aspects of New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year!   It’s that time once again when people feel compelled to make new resolutions – whether it’s because they have a new, unspoiled calendar or they’re jumping on the bandwagon with various friends and family.  If history tells us anything, many of the them will be based on self-improvement or finances.  What [...]