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I believe in placing your best interests first. Therefore, I am proud to commit to the following five fiduciary principles: I will always put your best interests first. I will act with prudence; that is, with the skill, care, diligence, and good judgment of a professional. I will not mislead you, and I will provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts. I will avoid conflicts of interest. I will fully disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, any unavoidable conflicts.I established Infinity Financial Strategies to help busy families design workable strategies to pursue their ideal financial futures.

Together with my clients, we work on strategies to manage the entire financial picture.  By looking at the complete financial picture we are able to use strategies that benefit the family in the near and long term.  We integrate areas such as education and retirement funding, estate planning and tax planning and funding the family’s current or desired lifestyle into their comprehensive financial plan.

As an independent, fee-only advisor I am free to give objective advice. There is no pressure to recommend one solution over another.  There are no commissions or hidden fees.  All fees are clearly disclosed up front in our planning process.  You can view our fees here.

As a fiduciary I will act in your financial best interest.  You can see the  fiduciary oath here.

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As a fee-only financial planner I derive all of my revenue from fees paid by my clients.  I do not make commissions from the sale of insurance, annuities or mutual funds.  What this means for you is that if I recommend insurance or a particular fund it is because I believe it is in your best interest, not because I will make a commission on the sale.

A fiduciary standard requires one to act ethically and in clients’ best interests.  The duty of loyalty is to the client rather than to an employer, broker or other party.

Honestly, not many people are in Granby, CT.  Thanks to today’s technology, we can work from anywhere that has internet connectivity.  We can meet via phone or virtually with online video or screen sharing.  Regardless of where you live we can stay in touch.

No.  The Comprehensive Financial Planning is a pay-as-you-go service.  You pay at the beginning of each month for that month’s service.

We seek to provide well-diversified, low-cost portfolios consistent with the time horizon and risk tolerance for each family.  We believe that passive investing provides better results in the long term.  We carefully manage for factors such as portfolio allocation, asset location, and taxes.

My typical clients are families of professionals who are well established in their careers and have concerns such as tax planning, education funding, retirement and estate planning competing for their attention.  They are generally looking for guidance in efficiently using their financial resources so that they can focus on their families and other passions.

CFP® Professionals are required to meet stringent requirements regarding education, experience, and ethics as well as passing a comprehensive exam.  In addition, they are required to complete ongoing education requirements in order to maintain their designation.

We don’t have a minimum required account size to work with us.  One of the benefits of fee-based advice is that anyone can take advantage of financial planning regardless of the size or location of their investment portfolio.

As an investment management client, your investments will be held at TD Ameritrade.

Certainly, if you are able to spend the time that it takes to research investments, avoid emotional trading, perform regular re-balancing, carry out appropriate tax loss harvesting and building a suitably diversified portfolio, and you enjoy doing those activities, you probably don’t want to hand off your investment management.  But if you’re looking for professional guidance with those activities, give us a call.

Sure.  Having some plan is better than having no plan.  Working with Infinity Financial Strategies can give you confidence that the various pieces of your entire financial strategy are integrated and designed to work together.  Rather than focusing on keeping up to date on tax law changes and economic conditions you can focus your time and energy on your family and other interests.

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