Amazon announced its short list for candidates for their HQ2 last week.  Back in September, 2017 Amazon announced a request for proposals from governments and civic organizations for their new headquarters along with its requirements for the new site.  The list of requirements included location in a metropolitan area, and a stable and business friendly environment, within a reasonable distance of a population center, an international airport, and mass transit.  They also listed details about their current headquarters in Seattle, WA.  Certainly, they did and will put a great deal of thought into this project and they spurred many communities throughout North America to consider their ability to attract corporate development dollars to their regions.


As individuals and families, we can learn from Amazon’s approach to managing their business and establishing an HQ2.  Given today’s technology and the pace at which it is developing, fewer occupations are and jobs are location-dependent.  This development may allow many more people to explore the possibility of their own HQ2 – or second home.


Amazon’s listing of their required features as well as the features of their current headquarters makes a good point.  While a change of scenery and location may allow for a new perspective and hopefully provide some logistical benefits, there are still the requirements to be able to conduct business without sacrificing the foundations which have served them well.  On a personal level, there will likely be certain features or amenities about your current home and its location that are baseline requirements for you to be able to consider another location your home.  Making a list of your requirements and revisiting it over time will allow you to evaluate your requirements while in different frames of mind – on good days, and bad days, stormy days and beautiful days, when you’re rushed, when you’re bored, when you’re content and all the places in between.  Over time you will have a developed a picture of a place you can call home.